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The ‘kama’ of hate is a double-edged weapon

23 May

As fast as the insulting sites are taken down, they are replaced and new, even more insulting ones created.  This suggests that the person responsible is either unemployed or has had his/her business so damaged that they have endless time to make up their lies and litter the net with them.

The aim of the attack – which from its nature  (ie trying to make me out to be a Spanish fake laird/clan chief) would clearly seem to indicate that the perpetrator is involved in the sale of souvenir plots with the hook of a fake title – is to discredit me through being a fake, a hypocrite or just an idiot.   However, as there is no credible evidence on which to base either charge, my stalker has had to create completely fictitious, ridiculous claims that even a tabloid journalist would shun.

Finding that his/her attacks on me have not had the desired effect s/he had hoped for, s/he has turned to attacking other members of my family, including minors and ancestors.  This shows just how low this inadequate individual will stoop to protect his/her dodgy business interests.  This accords with the complete lack of scruples witnessed in the business practices of  Highland Titles (see Highland Titles Scam, Lochaber Highland Estate Blog, Scots-Titles) which are increasingly being hauled up short by the advertising authorities (4 times since Sept 2012 ).

In the most recent attack, the person responsible has taunted me as if it is some kind of a game that I should be enjoying.   What I am enjoying is the knowledge that my campaign against these scammers is far more effective than they will ever admit.

Whoever is attacking me thinks a lot of themselves: they obviously seem to think that they are some kind of superior being.  Sadly, they are not.  They are just small-minded, immature, amoral, spiteful  people whose attacks say far more about them that they ever do about me.

It has been said that when your opponent’s case is in tatters they move from debate to ridicule and then to smears as they have nothing left in their armoury except vain attempts to discredit.

Do I hate them?  No doubt, they hope I do; but I don’t.  I feel sorry for them.


Still the attacks go on – I’ve had

3 May

Still the attacks go on – I’ve had to get a Google+ account, despite not wanting one, to lodge a complaint against the person who has tried to steal my identity.  The supposed poetry blog is clearly the work of an immature obsessive who still doesn’t get the message: “Bullying doesn’t work with me”.  On the contrary it just makes me all the more determined.  The latest one has a forged newspaper article (a trick for which Highland Titles are famous and which was mentioned in an article in Private Eye – issue 1339  -“The ASA gives a limp-wristed slap to a firm selling fake lairdships” ) and which as that article suggests formed a complaint to the ASA which was informally resolved when Highland Titles agreed to remove all cloned and doctored articles from their website.  The fake article attacking me has been sent to the newspaper whose page had been doctored.

23 Mar

Update: Google have now removed all the offending blogs.


The attacks continue.  Having successfully had the WordPress

21 Feb

The attacks continue.  Having successfully had the WordPress site taken down, the attackers put a whole new, expanded site up.  This site has been reported to Google.  This is clearly now a campaign to try and destroy my credibility as a critic and deter me from making further criticisms.

There is also a new Google blogspot that claims to present poems apparently written by me (some of which I am told are actually the work of others).  I do not have any Google blogspots and do not have a Google+ account.  Therefore, it is clear that I have no control over the content of such blogs, which have been reported to Google.


The offending webpage that caused me to pen

22 Dec

The offending webpage that caused me to pen the entry for December 16th has been taken down following multiple complaints to WordPress.  However,  Bevis’ attacks on me in his piece countering my FAQs can still be seen by those who wish to do so.

Ill will in the Season of Goodwill

16 Dec

Some time ago, I agreed to  moderate a website – Scots Titles, which was set up to expose fake Scottish titles in much the same way as the Earl of Bradford’s Fake Titles website does.  I very recently, during this month in fact, became an administrator.

I was initially interested in those characters who pretended to be Clan Chiefs, but without any regard for the Office of the Lord Lyon, the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs or any other Scottish authority.  These people often set up clan Facebook and webpages and asked people to make donations to their fake clan society (which of course went straight into their pockets in most cases).  I don’t like to see descendants of the Scots Diaspora, who are interested in their Scottish Heritage, get conned by those who exploit that interest to fill their own pockets.

Then I became aware of the scam of selling 1 square foot of non-commercially viable land, mainly to people from overseas, with the promise that they would become “Scottish Lairds” and that they would be helping Scottish Conservation.  As a moderator of the site, I gathered evidence and wrote an article for the site “The Ludicrous Scottish Laird Scam“, which was published in the Clan Graham News.

It was at about this time that the site was cloned by an individual based in Alderney, whose telephone number is identical to that of the Fax Number for Highland Titles (screenshots of the information have been taken and stored on several computers).  That fake site, which is currently down (but copies of which have been stored), changed the article so as to favour the 1 sq ft laird schemes and (as was the case in cloned versions of the Earl of Bradford’s website) made personal attacks on the website’s founder, John Duncan of Sketraw.   I, of course, was added to the fake site to be ridiculed and defamed.  Of course, Highland Titles, and their owner Peter Bevis, claim to know nothing of any of this!

However, personal attacks based on facts gleaned from the internet and twisted to portray opponents as  “liars”,  “frauds”, “losers”, “failures” or worse,  in an attempt to deter them from further opposing them with their “lies on hate sites”, as Peter Bevis calls them, seems to be a favourite response to critics of Highland Titles.  Such behaviour, made me even more certain that these schemes are just another scam and only made me all the more determined to expose them.

To this end, I wrote a less academic article “Laird Scheme FAQs” for a lighter approach to the scam.  This drew an almost instant response from Dr Peter Bevis (though Highland Titles was not mentioned by name in the article) in the form of a diatribe against me   In it, Dr Bevis challenges my arguments, albeit with general information that is as much bluster as it is spin, but cannot resist personally attacking me.  This  he achieves through an ingenious mixture of innuendo,  half-truths, spin and outright lies.  He is particularly offended, it seems, by my use of my degrees and FSA Scot on my articles.  This as we shall see appears to be what psychologists call “projection” on his part.

Dr Bevis likes to describe himself as a “Philanthropist, Conservationist, Biologist” and to dubiously adopt the title “Professor” on the basis that , some 8 years ago, he held the post of Associate Professor in an American School of Medicine  (an American Associate Professor, it should be noted, is the equivalent of a University Lecturer in the UK).  He also used to have outdated post-nominals in his biography (  While his 3rd class BSc in Biology and his PhD appear to be real, his MIBiol & CBiol would seem to be well past their sell by date as, were he a still a member, he would be using the current form of post-nominal for his grade of membership.  Were he indeed a professor, who had maintained his CPD, he would surely have moved from CBiol to CSci (Source: Society of Biology). There is no record of Dr Bevis having maintained his Fellowship of the Zoological Society of London (FZS), to which he was elected in 1979, either.

Thus, one might be tempted to say that his “use of bogus post-nominal initials marks [him] out as very insecure” (a direct quote from Peter Bevis about me); as well might his adoption of the honorific “Professor”, to which, as we have seen, he would not be entitled in the UK.  Very much a case of the pot calling the kettle black, to my mind.

(NOTE: Since this blog was published, Dr Bevis has amended his biographical notes to drop the honorific “Professor” and the Institute of Biology post-nominals.  This practice is all too familiar to watchers of Highland Titles, as when they are caught out on an issue – such as claiming to be a charity – they modify the website, claim that it has always been that way, and brand their critics liars.)

In a recent blog that I have reported to the appropriate authorities, I was described by the author (whose style it must be said is very similar to that of Peter Bevis across a range of examples I and others have seen) – as though he or she has heard many reports about me – as being “…not simply inadequate but unpleasant in a bitter and twisted way.”   Let me return the compliment: it perfectly describes Highland Titles’ attitude and behaviour (and, therefore, that of it’s owners) towards its critics, despite its much vaunted popularity of having more than 100,000 meaningless ‘Likes’ on Facebook.  If they were the genuine enterprise they claim to be, they would not need to resort to such unscrupulous tactics.

I am not going to go through the arguments that I (and others) have made more than amply elsewhere, but instead will point you to a website that exposes the full of gamut of Bevis family scams –  – and let you make up your own minds as to whether Peter J R Bevis and / or Highland Titles are trustworthy or not.