Still the attacks go on – I’ve had

3 May

Still the attacks go on – I’ve had to get a Google+ account, despite not wanting one, to lodge a complaint against the person who has tried to steal my identity.  The supposed poetry blog is clearly the work of an immature obsessive who still doesn’t get the message: “Bullying doesn’t work with me”.  On the contrary it just makes me all the more determined.  The latest one has a forged newspaper article (a trick for which Highland Titles are famous and which was mentioned in an article in Private Eye – issue 1339  -“The ASA gives a limp-wristed slap to a firm selling fake lairdships” ) and which as that article suggests formed a complaint to the ASA which was informally resolved when Highland Titles agreed to remove all cloned and doctored articles from their website.  The fake article attacking me has been sent to the newspaper whose page had been doctored.


The attacks continue.  Having successfully had the WordPress

21 Feb

The attacks continue.  Having successfully had the WordPress site taken down, the attackers put a whole new, expanded site up.  This site has been reported to Google.  This is clearly now a campaign to try and destroy my credibility as a critic and deter me from making further criticisms.

There is also a new Google blogspot that claims to present poems apparently written by me (some of which I am told are actually the work of others).  I do not have any Google blogspots and do not have a Google+ account.  Therefore, it is clear that I have no control over the content of such blogs, which have been reported to Google.


The offending webpage that caused me to pen

22 Dec

The offending webpage that caused me to pen the entry for December 16th has been taken down following multiple complaints to WordPress.  However,  Bevis’ attacks on me in his piece countering my FAQs can still be seen by those who wish to do so.