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A Pleasant Surprise

31 Aug

Last night I saw something I’d never seen before.

I was strolling alone through what was once called “the blind man’s holiday”[1], the usual walkers having long gone home to be replaced by dragonflies which skimmed low over my head and pipestrelles [2] that zigzagged their way round me in hot pursuit of the insects that shelter under the trees.  As I ambled along the path at the side of the embalse[3],  something caught the very edge of my sight.

It was a brilliant light shining through the canopy and reflecting indistinctly in the waters.  I couldn’t see it clearly until it had fallen below the treeline, when I was able to see that it was a small ball of fire with a blazing tail streaming behind it.  As I gazed, it started to break up, small pieces falling away in a shower of huge sparks that quickly faded to darkness.  Then, just as suddenly as I’d become aware of it, it was gone.

A meteor!  A beautiful meteor. The first I’d ever seen.



[1] the time of evening when it is too dark to read but too bright to light the candles

[2] a very small bat that is common in this area

[3] a reservoir caused by damming a river