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The ‘kama’ of hate is a double-edged weapon

23 May

As fast as the insulting sites are taken down, they are replaced and new, even more insulting ones created.  This suggests that the person responsible is either unemployed or has had his/her business so damaged that they have endless time to make up their lies and litter the net with them.

The aim of the attack – which from its nature  (ie trying to make me out to be a Spanish fake laird/clan chief) would clearly seem to indicate that the perpetrator is involved in the sale of souvenir plots with the hook of a fake title – is to discredit me through being a fake, a hypocrite or just an idiot.   However, as there is no credible evidence on which to base either charge, my stalker has had to create completely fictitious, ridiculous claims that even a tabloid journalist would shun.

Finding that his/her attacks on me have not had the desired effect s/he had hoped for, s/he has turned to attacking other members of my family, including minors and ancestors.  This shows just how low this inadequate individual will stoop to protect his/her dodgy business interests.  This accords with the complete lack of scruples witnessed in the business practices of  Highland Titles (see Highland Titles Scam, Lochaber Highland Estate Blog, Scots-Titles) which are increasingly being hauled up short by the advertising authorities (4 times since Sept 2012 ).

In the most recent attack, the person responsible has taunted me as if it is some kind of a game that I should be enjoying.   What I am enjoying is the knowledge that my campaign against these scammers is far more effective than they will ever admit.

Whoever is attacking me thinks a lot of themselves: they obviously seem to think that they are some kind of superior being.  Sadly, they are not.  They are just small-minded, immature, amoral, spiteful  people whose attacks say far more about them that they ever do about me.

It has been said that when your opponent’s case is in tatters they move from debate to ridicule and then to smears as they have nothing left in their armoury except vain attempts to discredit.

Do I hate them?  No doubt, they hope I do; but I don’t.  I feel sorry for them.